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Volume I - New Breed Rising

Image of Volume I - New Breed Rising

£5.00 - On Sale

12 Track Compilation CD featuring New and Unreleased Songs from some of the world's best underground Hard Rock, Power Pop Bands including The Erotics, Patchwork Grace and Zen Motel.

"It's quite rare to find a 12 song compilation CD with no awful band on it these days but TrashPit Magazine managed to do it. Now get this CD and let's wait together for Volume 2!"

"The quality of all the tracks is second to none. You really wont get any better music than what you'll find on this album - That's a promise! It's ultra rare to find a compilation of this calibre and I for one hope you take the time and trouble to purchase this baby. 10/10"

"Excellent compilation which makes us discover 12 young groups of hard rock'n'roll quality. This CD is an excellent extension to a none the less excellent fanzine. Let us hope that there will be a Volume 2!"